New outdoor patio. Renovated fireplace on Main Level. Lower Level Bar. Standing at Lower Level Bar looking into Rec. Room.

COOK 9-1-11

flower boxes removed siding repaired re-painting of living room complete living room basement shower in progress

COOK 8-26-2011

Cook-bedroom drywall almost complete Cook-bathroom drywall being installed Cook-Family Room drywall in place Cook-Family Room, looking back at wet bar.

COOK 8-25-2011

Cook-insualted and ready for drywall Cook-family room insulated Cook-bedroom insulated Cook-shutter, repainted, no longer faded


Cook shutters re-painted and ready to re-installed Cook office re-painting complete Cook plumbing rough-in almost complete Cook plumbing rough-in

COOK 8-11-11

re-painting of bedrooms wall for new wet bar steel post removed, beam size increased.